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                 Blessings of Autumn

Donation to KVIE Art Auction 2012

                   Sold - $250


Art class (Watercolor painting) was first introduced to me in Grade Four of Elementary School in Hong Kong.  Every year-end semester through High School, 10 out of 200 students in the same grade were picked to showcase the best of their artwork for the year.  I was one of the 10 students and made the cut every year since then. 

However, due to family and work commitment, I did not pursue painting as my career until recent years when I opened up my heart to appreciate nature and the beautiful colors it entail.  Besides a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, I further enriched the skill and technique in texture and color variations by pursuing a Degree in Fine Arts Paintings.  For the past 10 years, my artworks were sold in San Jose, Lodi and Stockton galleries, with donations to KVIE and Art Auctions of various charitable organizations.     

Awards :-

Grade 9 (1975) -   1st place in art, Water color painting (out of 200 students)

Grade 11 (1977) - 1st place in art, Watercolor painting (out of 194 students)

1982 - Best Color Picturesque Synchrony Award (Asia) (Watercolor)

  • 1978-1981                   Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Painting              
  •                                     1978-80 Major in Watercolor, minor in Oil painting
  •                                     1980-81 Major in Sketches and Chinese painting     
  • 2004                            Oil Painting Refresher Class in Light and Color 

Amateur painter since 2004 - Oil on canvas, Watercolor, and Chinese Paintings